Sail Club

Sailing is an excellent adventure sport that has played a great role in the development of civilization, providing greater human movement for trade, transport, warfare and fishing. It has been in Chennai for numerous decades now, after being started by a group of leading businessmen and passionate sailors. The Tamil Nadu Sailing Association (TNSA) is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-sectarian association which aims to motivate, promote, and teach the aspiring public a water sport that is inexpensive, yet enthralling.

SAILS – SAIL Shasun has been launched in the college in association with TNSA to help the women students to overcome their inhibitions and fears of large stretch of water and to indulge them in this unique water sport. The goal is not only to give the students a chance to experience a different aspect of life and but also to contribute talented sailors to our Nation who would compete at the National, International, Olympic and other possible levels. An MOU was signed with the association on 30th September 2016, marking a long journey of exploration.