Heritage Club

The Heritage Club of SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN had organized a field visit on 26.07.2019, Friday between 1.00p.m. – 3.30p.m. to an art Exhibition on ‘Raja Ravi Varma Oleographs’ at Shakunthala Art Gallery, Alwarpet. 19 students from the Heritage Club of Shift- II were the part of this field visit. It was an eclectic selection of oleographs by India’s first modern artist, Raja Ravi Varma. Before him the painters and craftsmen were largely unidentified. He was the first painter to reach common people by the way of his oleographs. Also, he was the first painter to use human models to illustrate Hindu gods and goddesses. The students were able to relate to the magnitude of Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings. They could associate with the historical identity, culture and heritage with which India is embedded.

Art form is the highest expression of our culture. The students were enthralled by the Oleographs. These Oleographs have immortalized Raja Ravi Varma’s art in the young minds.

EventField Visit -Raja Ravi Varma Oleographs

Heritage Club and Centre of Excellence, Art & Culture, conducted a Quiz competition in accordance with Madras day.  It is a day to remember the city that we live in and cherish the emotion by celebrating the pride of residing in such a historic City. It was held on 22nd of August between 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm .The quiz consisted of three levels and a tie breaker round consisting of 15 teams in the first round to selecting 3 teams for the finale thus,  selecting the winner and runner of the competition . The participants showed great enthusiasm and excitement. ‘Then Madras, now Chennai’ is one of the earliest metropolitan cities of India, renowned for its culture, traditions and historic monuments.

EventQuiz - Then Madras, Now Chennai

To commemorate the 125th year of Chicago Address by Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna Math had organized for a two days National Seminar at Mylapore titled “Hinduism for Youth” attended by 500 participants all over the country.. The Heritage Club of SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN was a part of this National Seminar on 21.09.2019. Fourteen student delegates from Shasun participated in this seminar in which two students S.Rashmi and Subhiksha.S presented their paper and won best paper award. The National Seminar focussed on the ancient values to give the nation hope and strength by touching upon the teachings of Swami Vivekananda words upon every facet of our life.

EventNational Seminar

To emphasis the importance of protection and preservation of ancient archaeological sites, Heritage Club organized a PowerPoint Presentation competition in the topic of ‘Archaeological Excavation Sites in India’ for World Habitat Day (03.10.19) celebrations. 6 students were submitted their PPT.

Topic: ‘Archaeological Excavation Sites in India’

First Place: VEDHIKA JAIN, II B.Com (Gen)- Shift-2

Second Place: SUBHIKSHA.S, III B.Com (A&F)-Shift-2

EventWorld Habitat Day

Heritage Walk was organised on 27.12.2019 between 6.30a.m-9. 00a.m around the West Mambalam area. The Heritage Walk was guided by Ms. Padmapriya Baskaran from Aalayamkanden Trust. She is a heritage blogger and researcher. Twenty five students and two staff members accompanied for the Walk. The Walk covered information about the heritage and the past of West Mambalam. It was an agricultural village and was cut off from the then Madras in the 1920s. The walk was highly informative for the twenty first century students. They understood the importance of preserving the Heritage that forms to be the pride and backbone of our culture.

EventHeritage Walk