BSW Social Work


Our 3-year BSW program prepares our students through field experience, coursework in psychology, sociology, social work practice, and research methods. In this BSW course, the Students learn about human behavior, social welfare policy, research methods, practices for working with individuals, families, and group practice methods. BSW requires the learners to complete a practicum, a form of community service that allows students to gain experience in the social work field under the direct supervision of a social worker in a community organization.

Since BSW is an on-demand course, the job opportunity is very diverse as they can venture into government organizations, NGO’s and Private welfare companies.

Programme Specific Outcome


PSO1 To equip candidates with the knowledge of working with people and the ability in problem solving through field experience.
PSO2 To promote among trainees a sense of commitment and dedication to strive for equity, social justice, social harmony and peace.
PSO3 To sensitize the trainees to involve themselves for the cause of poor, subaltern under privileged and disadvantaged section of the society.
PSO4 To develop confidence among the trainees to feel themselves as change agents for social change and transformation
PSO5 To develop Professional Understanding of the basic concepts related to Social Work practice.

Why Should I Study?

  • Acquire Professional Skills and develop capacity to help people.
  • Solve various social and economic problems.
  • Develop good observation and evaluation skills.
  • Enhance the overall knowledge in social knowledge.
  • To improve the quality of life of the poorest.
  • Understand the growing demand across the country.


  • Ms. Franciba

    Assistant Professor
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    – MSW., NET

  • Ms. Ranjitha A

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – MSW., NET