Bachelor of Science – Computer Science (Shift 1)


The inception of the Department of Computer Science was in the year 2005. The Department has a team of distinguished, dynamic, young, dedicated and versatile staff members with specialization in wider areas to provide teaching, guidance, inspiration and motivation that make students to excel in the IT field.The students are equipped with excellent infrastructure facilities such as

  • High end computer labs.
  • High speed internet connectivity with 120mbps.
  • Individual portal login ID.

A lot of practical training on various languages is provided to students to make them more efficient in their career. Students are trained and motivated to take up online exams based on Industry needs. A departmental association ITBUZZ is conducted every year in order to develop the competitive skill among the students. Our department has a creditable record of placement for final year students. As per recent trends our final year students who opted for placement are placed in reputed corporate sectors.

Programme Specific Outcome

PSO1 Acquires both theoretical and practical knowledge in the research field.
PSO2 Know about advanced knowledge of various elements of computers which include technical and detailed study of computing and its applications. The course is aimed to explore various research avenues and provide professional attributes to the students.
PSO3 Acquires strong research expertise in recent trends like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.
PSO4 Able to take up a career of teaching.
PSO5 Updates knowledge on research methods, techniques and the process and to develop skills in the application of research methods for problem solving.

Why Should I Study?

  • Software engineer.
  • database administrator.
  • computer systems analysts.
  • programmer.
  • Quality assurance engineer.


  • Dr.B.Gomathi

    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – MCA., M.Phil., Ph.D

  • Ms.T.Yegammai

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – M.Sc., M. Phil

  • Dr.S.Sridevi

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – MCA., M.Phil., Ph.D

  • Ms.N.Latha

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – MCA., M.Phil.,

  • Ms.N.Rehna

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    -MCA., M.Phil., SET

  • Ms.V.Venkateswari

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – MCA., SET

  • Ms.N.M.Kavitha

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – MCA.,M.Phil.,SET

  • Dr.S.Prasanna

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – MCA.,M.Phil,P.hD

  • Ms.V.Sasikala(Statistics)

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44 -2432 8506 / 07

    -M.Sc., M. Phil


ODD semester 2019 - 20

Even semester 2018 - 19

ODD semester 2018 - 19