Bachelor of Commerce – Corporate Secretaryship ( Shift 1 & Shift 2)


The Corporate Secretaryship course B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship) was introduced in the academic year 2007. Since then the department has successfully been offering the course to cater to the needs of corporate sector. In the present day circumstances corporate sector is occupying a very vital position. It is very vibrant and undergoing changes and finding innovations every day. Such fast growth in the sector needs an up-to-date faculty to prepare the students to stand suitable to the demands. Department of Corporate secretary ship stands fully fit to meet the requirements. The aim of the Department is to train the students in completing the ACS course offered by ICSI. The department encourages and guides the students who are willing to take up the ACS course.

The duration of the course shall be three academic years comprising six semesters with two semesters in each academic year. The course will enable the students in obtaining lucrative career options in corporate sector and also will help them to pursue professional courses like company secretaries, Charted accountancy, Cost and Work accountants, M.B.A.

Programme Specific Outcome

PSO1 To provide knowledge in the various areas of Corporate Secretaryship and laws relating to companies.
PSO2 To keep pace with dynamic industry changes and management practices and to enhance knowledge updates through Technical Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Internships.
PSO3 Provides Institutional Training as part of the curriculum to give exposure to the functioning of corporate undertakings.
PSO4 To develop the skills of analyzing, evaluating problems and taking decisions. To ensure that the curriculum bridges the Institution and industries expectations..

Why Should I Study?

  • Banker.
  • Professor.
  • Government Jobs.
  • CA or CS.
  • Human resource development management.
  • Market Research.


  • Dr. A. Umahani

    Director - Shasun Knowledge Centre
    HOD B.Com CS
    +91 44 -2432 8506 / 07

    -M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D

  • Dr.K.Thamilarasi

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – M.CS., M.Com., M.Phil., SET, Ph.D, PGDCA

  • Dr.G.Srividhya

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D

  • Ms.B.Geetha Ramani

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – M.Com., M.Phil., NET

  • Ms.A.J.Premalatha ( Stats)

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – M.Sc., M. Phil

  • Dr.M.Sangeetha

    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – M.Com ., M.Phil., MBA, Ph.D

  • Ms.M.Sugapriya

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – M.Com, M.Phil, MBA, NET

  • Ms.P.Selvi

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44-2432 8506 / 07

    – M.Com., M.Phil.,

  • Ms.S.Thanga Meena

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44 -2432 8506 / 07

    -M.Com., M.Phil., NET


Odd Semester 2019 - 20

Odd Semester 2018 - 19

Odd Semester 2019 - 20 (Shift 2)