Bachelor of Business Administration (Shift 1)


The Department of Business Administration was incepted during the year 2005 and since then we have young minds pursuing their undergraduate Business Administration degree program.

We produce high quality graduates with the highest level of professionalism capable of meeting the changing needs and challenges of the economy. We train students with current information in competence that can cope with the challenges of this global world. Our Mission is to develop in students an analytical mind-set, in-depth professional knowledge, passion for achievement and a socially responsive outlook, which will ensure all round development of the nation.

The Department imbibes a global mind-set in its students. There is also a strong focus on research and encourage students to undertake projects. Impart professional education which provides students a platform to enhance their capabilities, analytical skills and their aptitude.

Our main objective is to grow an imparting management education which will cater to the rapidly growing needs for managerial manpower through provisions of well-designed and well directed programme of professional education.

The students have participated in various colleges and an Inter-Collegiate event, NSS programmes and other social service events has been conducted within and outside college premises.

Programme Specific Outcome

PSO1 Manage and coordinate people, business processes, and business resources.
PSO2 Develop and implement components of a business plan.
PSO3 Communicate in a variety of domains, including writing, speaking, listening and reading, while respecting the impact of technology on effective communication.
PSO4 Students will learn to use data to engage in effective decision-making in a business.
PSO5 Demonstrate knowledge and application of prescribed ethical codes and behaviours in the workplace.

Why Should I Study?

  • Banker
  • Professor
  • Government Jobs
  • CA or CS
  • Human resource development management
  • Market Research


  • Dr.M.Malarkodi

    +91 44 -2432 8506 / 07

    -MBA., M.Phil., NET

  • Ms.G.Vaishnavi

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44 -2432 8506 / 07

    -MBA., NET, SET

  • Ms.P.Vidhya

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44 -2432 8506 / 07

    – MBA., NET, 

  • Dr.M.Kousalyaparasakthi (Maths)

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44 -2432 8506 / 07

    – M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D

  • Dr.J.Latha

    Assistant Professor
    +91 44 -2432 8506 / 07

    – M.A., MBA., Ph.D, SLET


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